Discussion Questions

  1. Some claim that science has done more harm than good. What do you think?
  2. Humanity is faced with many challenges and problems. Which of these are due to human behavior, and which are external to human actions?
  3. If you were a research psychologist, what phenomena or behaviors would most interest you?
  4. Will psychological scientists be able to help with the current challenges humanity faces, such as global warming, war, inequality, and mental illness?
  5. What can science study and what is outside the realm of science? What questions are impossible for scientists to study?
  6. Some claim that science will replace religion by providing sound knowledge instead of myths to explain the world. They claim that science is a much more reliable source of solutions to problems such as disease than is religion. What do you think? Will science replace religion, and should it?
  7. Are there human behaviors that should not be studied? Are some things so sacred or dangerous that we should not study them?


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