The Ritalin Playground

Mark Daniel Wiebe

Dear Mom today at school
the teachers took us to the playground
Mrs. Adams didn’t wear her red scarf and
I can’t remember where my pen is
do you think I’ll need it?
They said we didn’t have to sit still
I was so excited Mom
single file lines make me bored
but wow the puddles were so big!
It was hard holding hands the whole way
Martha had big yellow boots on
you would have been proud
my friend Joey watched all the birds
I recited the whole alphabet backwards without blinking
there were blue ones and white ones and
grey ones flying about
do you think I’ll need my pen?
My coat has a hole in the pocket
maybe that’s where my pen went
Mrs. Adams said we’re doing something new today
Mom do you remember the form you signed?
I’m so excited!

Everybody got these bright blue gummies
they were so colourful like the birds
oh Mom actually Joey had my pen
he grabbed it on the way out he thought it was his
and he put it in his pocket and forgot about it
but the playground was so much fun
I can’t wait to go back tomorrow.

The teachers were so nice at the playground,
even the ones with clipboards.
We didn’t get to play for too long,
but I had enough time to have fun.
The monkey bars were cool.
Joey just sat and did his math homework
Martha drew birds in her colouring book,
they looked like grey hills far away.
I started to read Green Eggs and Ham.
I got through the whole book without stopping;
it was easier than I remembered,
but I still used my pen to circle the words I didn’t know.
On the way back we didn’t have to hold hands,
and the rain puddles weren’t big enough to jump in.
The new teachers came with us back to school.
They asked me how I was doing and I said I was okay.
The rest of the day was really long Mom,
The teachers gave us more gummies,
they didn’t look as blue this time.
I couldn’t wait to come home and take a nap.


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