From writers, illustrators, and editors, to sponsors and supporters, Tinge took a community.  A huge, bottom of our hearts thank you to everyone.

Thank you to Treena Smith, Donald Moses, and Robertson Library for their continued interest and financial support. To Wendy Henderson at Central Printing for her knowledge, time, and patience. To project supervisor Jarmo Puiras for his level head, laugh, and trust.

Thank you to the Editorial team – Emily Browning, Kate Bartlett, Emma Campanaro, John Kelesi, Monika Stewart – for their enthusiasm, and excellence.

And most importantly, thank you and congratulations to our contributors! Thank you for creativity, vulnerability, and dedication. We cannot wait to see what you will accomplish in the future.

We end this project on an unusual note, in an unusual time. But the theme of Tinge gives us something to ponder in this time of uncertainty. Colour and connection, while not always obvious, are always possible to find when we search for them within our surroundings, our communities, and ourselves.


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