Table of Contents


Important Terms

Part I: Introduction

Where to Begin?

  • Know yourself
  • Understanding documentation


Section Worksheets


Part II: Accommodation, Disclosure, Legal Rights and Obligations

Accommodation in the workplace

  • Types of accommodations
  • Requesting an accommodation from an employer
  • What if an accommodation request is denied?

Disclosing a Disability to an Employer

  • Making the decision
  • Visible disabilities
  • Invisible disabilities
  • Final thoughts on disclosure

Section Worksheets and Scripts


Part III: The Job Search, Application, and Interview Process

Career Planning

  • What Can I Do With My Degree?
  • Know the job

Job search

  • Identify the kind of work you can do
  • Look for suitable employers
  • Consider your needs when applying for positions

Application Process

  • Resumes and cover letters
  • Disclosure during the application process

The Job Interview

  • Employee rights
  • Disclosure during the interview process
  • Know the business case for hiring persons with disabilities

Section Worksheets and Scripts


Appendix A: Employment Support Providers and Programs for Persons with Disabilities

Appendix B: List of Common Accommodations


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