Part I Introduction

1 Introduction

Transition to Employment for Student with Disabilities

At some point, everyone must transition to the workforce. Whether it is in their teenage years as a student, or as a post-secondary graduate, employment is something every student thinks about. It can be challenging and scary to search for work and get a job, often even more so for students with disabilities.

For a student with a , the process of finding and retaining employment is typically the same as for any student. However, there may be additional factors that they will need to consider as they search for work:

  • Does the nature of their disability limit the kind of tasks they can do?
  • Should the student their disability to an employer?
  • Will they need to perform their job?
  • How can the student highlight their abilities?
  • How can they ensure that they will be successful in the workplace?

These extra considerations may cause some students to approach the transition to work with some degree of apprehension. However, making use of career planning tools and putting effective job search strategies in place can ease the student’s mind and help them find and keep the job they want (Alberta Learning Information Service [ALIS], 2016a).



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