Part III The Job Search, Application, and Interview Process

22 Summary

Transitioning from school into the workforce can be a daunting process for any student. Students with disabilities will want to make good use of career planning tools and effective job search strategies to maximize their chances of getting hired.

When they begin the job search and application process they will want to:

  • Know themselves and their abilities well
  • Know what duties a prospective job entails
  • Target positions that maximize their strengths and minimize their weaknesses
  • Make sure their application package is accurate, professional and free of errors
  • Prepare well for interviews by doing research and practicing how they will respond to questions
  • If they decide to disclose their disability during the application or interview process, they should highlight skills they have developed as a result of their disability and be prepared to make the business case for hiring a person with a disability.

Preparing for a job interview is hard work, but the effort is worth it when it helps to increase the student’s confidence and make a positive impression that can increase their chance of getting hired.


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