The Plan for the Sub-committee of Planetary Health

Together members of our sub-committee examined the fundamental principles of planetary health to establish the body of knowledge that introduces the concepts of one health and the effects of climate change on human health.

This approach to studying planetary health is based on the soon-to-be ratified Declaration of the Association of Faculties of Medicine Canada (Academic Health Institutions Declaration on Planetary Health). Members of the working group preparing the Declaration for the AFMC include the Planetary Health Alliance along with the Association of Faculties of Medicine Canada, the Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment (CAPE), and the Canadian Federation of Medical Students (CFMS), and experts from medical schools around the world.

Academic Health Institutions Declaration On Planetary Health … to be released on April 14th, 2023.


The concept of using a principled approach is that the principles become the most important take-away points from the chapter and can also be used as the basis of any exam questions. Moreover, the principles that are identified in Year 1, become the basis for the threads that can weave through the curriculum in the upper years.

Important background notes for the creation of each chapter.

  • Each chapter provides the essential background information for two, 50-minute lectures in the Planetary Health course.
  • Each chapter should begin with the Learner Objectives in a list format as shown in the sample chapter.
  • Each chapter should include a definition and description of important terminology.
  • Referencing will follow that of the AMA using a numeric identifier for the authors in the order that they appear.


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